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In addition, Bali has quite a few peculiarities and rules that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Mount Agung is an active volcano and the highest point on Bali and dominates the surrounding area as a sacred mountain. It is a sacred mountain and is considered their north.

Considering the fact that Mount Agung is located in the middle of Bali mountain area in the global north-east direction, all the settlements above it will orient their north as what the general population calls south.

This is also based on the Kelod-Kala principle philosophy balinese architecture follows, which we will explain about more during our time together. 

Balinese architecture is known for its distinct characteristic. The ideas of Balinese Hindu traditions and belief systems are used to construct all traditional buildings on the island of Bali and the cultural and religious influences on architecture can be traced back many centuries.

A Balinese home is the result of a complex interweaving of various elements and is focused on the interaction of the physical world with the spirit one.

The architecture of individual pavilions is normally quite plain, however, much effort and detailing is put into the decoration of doors, which are typically carved from jack fruit wood, teak or other rain tree woods. They are usually painted, but may also be gilded with gold leaf with homes of more prominent families.


These are just some of the specialties of Bali. You will learn more interesting things about Bali at Atelier Bali lecture on Friday, 25th of November. We hope to see you there!